The DNC so far

Jason Shellen
19 years ago · 2 min read

Wow. It's been a fascinating time already. Goldman covers the bizarre route that we took to actually obtain our Convention credentials and other hilarity. Hands down best moment of last night was our 20 minute conversation with Michael Moore. He promised more blogging soon on his site. The discussion turned to the terrible state of copyright law and I asked if he knew Larry Lessig. He didn't so we brought him up to speed on the Creative Commons movement and talked Sonny Bono Act for a while. I think we may have talked him into doing a movie about copyright. We'll have to see. We were also treated to Michael's version of what he feels Barak Obama's campaign song should be. Replace 'Barak Obama' in place of the Bam ba bamba lyrics in La Bamba and there you go. Song or not, I would vote for him. He had the crowd going like no other speaker. Just superb.

In other news, we visited Bloggers Boulevard. We spoke with Dave Pell, David Weinberger, Dave Sifry and we called any bloggers that we didn't know Dave just to see if they would respond. Sifry told me he was going to include the DNC Scroller in his nightly wrap-up on CNN. Did anyone see it?

I did get a text message this morning from Sarah Hatter who told me that she saw Goldman and I hanging out in our convention skybox on CNN Headline News. Nice! Yesterday while watching from our seats on JetBlue, Headline News did a feature on Campaign Blogging. I was too slow to get a shot of them showing the Blogger homepage and our dashboard. No chance anyone has a clip of either of those to share?

This post should be accompanied by many photos that I took last night, but alas I left my card reader and even worse my large Compact Flash card at home. I'll see what I can do. Dear camera manufacturers - please make Bluetooth and WiFi cameras soon.

We will be at the Blogger Bash later tonight and should have some good stories from that soon.