Out Firefoxed

Jason Shellen
19 years ago · 2 min read


Oh dot Nine-Three - you silly (former) bird. You had me at dot Six! Dot Nine One was almost there. What have you done with 0.93 however? Every install Mac and Windows alike has been a horrible frozen step backwards. I think I can blame my Windows XP Firefox install on a bad plug-in choice or two (I'm looking in your direction MozBlog , c'mon we need a Firefox version).

Because I'm going to blow away this installation and start over, I'm linking some of the plug-ins I've installed so I can reinstall them with care. For those who venture out looking for extensions beyone my list, there appear to be three authority sites on Firefox extensions, 1, 2, and 3. Someone should make an introduction or two, because it's confusing. Here we go with my list of Firetweaks:

  • Firefox Toolbar: Blogger Edition - Not developed by Google but still an interesting start
  • Bookmark Synchronizer - Total must have item for Firefox if you use multiple machines. Uses FTP - hot.
  • Web Developer Extension - A must have for webmonkeys.
  • Sage : Atom and RSS feed reader - I keep forgetting it's right there in the margin.
  • GoogleBar - Again, not from Google but pretty darn good. I think they fixed the bug where the default results assumed you were searching Google Columbia. I think.
  • Firesomething - I may not reinstall this one because it's actually a joke. Because Firefox has had a few naming issues in the past this plug-in randomizes the name shown at start-up. It says I'm using Mozilla Powertiger right now.
  • Auto-hide - If you want to run your browser in a kiosk mode this is the deal to use.
  • Gmail Notifier - Simple and elegant way to tell if you have new mail as well as one button access to your inbox.
  • BugMeNot - For those times when I'm not username: rebeccas_pocket pass: pocket
  • Bloglines Notifier - Just installed but it looks great so far.
  • Flat Bookmark Editing - Adds some flexibility in bookmark editing.

PS: On a day when Moscovians are dying, the US is bracing for a potentially deadly hurricane, and Chechens and Russians are locked in a horrible stalemate over the lives of young children I feel like an ass for posting about my free web browser issues and preferences. Feh.