Sam Donaldson Full Disclosure And Worms

Jason Shellen
22 years ago · 2 min read

Sam Donaldson, full disclosure and worms

I've had some crazy weeks before but none that ever involved the aforementioned Sam Donaldson and worms before. I attended the Webbys with Ev on Wednesday night. Blogger was a nominee in the personal site(?) category. Ev and I had sufficiently talked ourselves out of the fact that we would win and succeeded. Blogger did not win. Best line of the night was's five word acceptance: ' Sam Donaldson. Dude, gnarly toupee. '

The awards were fun though. Where else can you meet so many people behind the sites that you visit or admire on a daily basis? While Ev was being interviewed by Sam for the ABC News webcast, I had the chance to meet Heather Champ in person, only ever having swapped email before. As one would expect, I was immediately told to hold still for a mirror shot. When the actual shot makes it onto the site I will link it. I met Derek, Mschmidt from k10k, Pud who told me 'you are a sick man' when I told him I read his site often, Lance, Ernie, and many more characters.

In the interest of full disclosure, for my future senate bid, I must share a few photos taken by Kevin-John Black of events that I never really thought would transpire. There was not really much room to snicker as previously thought. Both pictures are of me, Ev, Tiffany Shlain (founder and organizer of the Webbys), and of course Halcyon (who in reality didn't appear to be cocky nor a bastard, though I didn't really ask about the bastard part). [ Picture 1 ] [ Picture 2 ]. In picture two, Kevin-John asked us to look 'gutsy' for what it's worth and no Ev wasn't drunk. So Tiffany let's get together again soon, just have whatever project I am working on nominated for the 2002 awards. Thanks.

Coming down off the awards night bliss, I was slammed with a power outage at home and then the dreaded IIS worm attack. Tip o' the hat to Matt Wilson for noticing that the 'Chinese' had hacked musicrag and pointing me to the CERT site. Next week, no awards shows and no worms on the calendar. See you there.