Cheatsheet v1.0

Jason Shellen
21 years ago · 1 min read

I hate the 'add to favorites' and bookmark functions in the browser. Invariably, I will upgrade the browser and lose track of things in the shuffle or a third party 'helper' application will really screw things up. Maybe this has happened to you as well. So a long time ago, I started keeping a handmade html page as my browser home/start page. Recently, I thought that some of you might like to use this as your start page too, since it has been pretty handy for me.

The 'cheatsheet' is pretty basic and mainly contains links that I use on a daily basis and search boxes for a few websites that I visit often but would rather not deal with the bulky interface just to track a package. I actually use a different version, it has more columns so I can do site administration stuff for this site and This version has top news headlines and local weather. Unfortunately, it's my local weather. To customize it for your city, go to and sign up for the weather magnet. They will give you customized code for your city to replace my code.

I don't really have the time right now to explain the guts of the cheatsheet and how to customize everything, but if you leave a comment on this post I will do my best to help out. Maybe sometime soon I will provide a readme file and explain this all in more detail and go for a version 1.1.

Download version 1.0 of unzip it (it's just an html file) and drop it someplace like the 'My Documents' folder and set it as your start page in your browser. Let me know if you like it or end up using it. Enjoy!