God bless you and your family. We are still under attack.

Jason Shellen
22 years ago

I don't know what to say about watching the World Trade Center collapse on live television, other than that I have been in contact with a few friends in New York and the ones I could get in touch with are all ok. A testament for me being a bigger web geek than I previously thought, having Real.com, CNN.com , MSNBC.com, NYTimes.com and more, suddenly not work this morning got my heart racing as to the seriousness of an attack on our country. This is just my little *virtual* world crashing down , my heart breaks for those in real pain in New York and Washington whose real world is forever changed.

For the indie media coverage, Slashdot is working and so is MetaFilter (although it's hosted in NY and running a little slow). Beware, live accounts of watching the second plane hit the towers (on Slashdot) had me in tears.