Baby. Baby. Pirate. Aw.. wait pirates are wild!

Jason Shellen
21 years ago · 1 min read


Apu and Manjula find out they are pregnant in Simpsons Episode, Eight Misbehavin with this crazy home pregnancy tester. Click to play a clip.

That's right kids, Allison and I are expecting. Told you I was busy. Sometime in early April I should be keeping hours more closely akin to a heroin addict ... and I can't wait. I have been dying to tell people and we will have told the last of our immediate family and friends by the time you read this.

Everything is going really well, we have been to the doctor to see this little peanut-sized Shellen spinning around and raving with a heartbeat in the 140 to 180 bpm range (Don't worry, totally normal at this age.) Allie is only about 8 weeks along now. She's pretty nauseous, but we are told it should only last another month or so.

We have been having some fun telling the sets of in-laws and our siblings. My favorite reaction so far was Allison's family a couple of weeks ago. Allison nonchalantly said one evening in her parents kitchen, 'Hey, guess who's having a baby?" Expecting to hear some juicy piece of after church gossip or celebrity trash, her Mom and older sister, Julianne mouths both dropped when she excitedly proclaimed 'ME!'. Julianne went into instant paralysis. She couldn't talk for about a minute. Oddly enough, her brother had the same reaction the very next day. Jaw wide open and paralysis. It's a pretty good trick, I am sure it's only a one time use sort of thing unfortunately.

Anyway, I am hoping that I haven't caused any of you out there paralysis with this news. Blink twice if you can hear me. Good, we need you for the online shower in a few months ... and close your mouth.

[image courtesy of Fox and The Simpsons episode, Eight Misbehavin' ]