WNBA player acknowledges she's gay

Jason Shellen
19 years ago

PlanetOut reports:
Michele Van Gorp, a center for the Minnesota Lynx, has distinguished herself off the basketball court by being the only active player in the WNBA to publicly acknowledge that she is a lesbian.
The ONLY one in the WNBA! That's hard to believe. The article continues...
Certainly more than two lesbians have played in the WNBA, but the fact that only two have publicly acknowledged being gay underscores the pressure on professional GLBT athletes to remain in the closet. In the world of team sports, coming out carries many risks, including physical harm from anti-gay players and loss of commercial endorsements.

I guess I find this appalling from the standpoint that I associate women with being more accepting and rational where this stuff is concerned. There is certainly enough male homophobia to go around but I had hoped it wasn't shared to such a degree by our female counterparts. May the Van Gorps of the world continue to rid us of locker room hysteria about what one does in the privacy of one's own futon.