That's the good stuff

Jason Shellen
20 years ago

I'm now wireless via the Jupitermedia Wifi point set up for the conference. It's nice and fast. Yesterday, at Oakland Airport waiting for my late JetBlue flight, I tried to hop on the wifi network but they want $6.95 to do so. I went for the next best thing, connecting my laptop to my Treo 300 via USB using PalmNet 2.0.

The only problem was that my copy of the trial had expired prompting me for a registration code. I was able to buy the $34 code using the Treo's Blazer browser. Then I typed the code into my PC and wallah I was able to read email and get on the corporate LAN, all at a blazing 9.6kbps. I think that was my first wireless purchase, short of a ringtone. Next up, digital wallets!