Rave 'til Dawn

Jason Shellen
22 years ago · 1 min read


I've had to take a break from the non-stop rave in my headphones. After about 3 consecutive spins of the Gutter disc, I could hear the music playing in my head for almost HALF A DAY! The worst part is that on this disc Macy Gray and Jim Morrison are sampled on a few tracks. I don't like Macy Gray's solo work, nor am I a big Doors fan, so hearing both of these people churning in my subconscious for nearly 12 hours was a bit harrowing. I understand that Caterina has been having a similar problem.

"Techno" or electronic music has been getting me in hot water for a long time. When I was 19, I had a mix tape made by a friend with a bunch of the latest techno songs. On one side was this compilation CD called Rave 'til Dawn. It had that horrible 2Unlimited song, Lords of Acid and some Praga Kahn stuff. The other side was "Kaos Theory" (which is no longer in print). Anyway, it was all high bpm stuff. Perfect driving music right? Well I thought so anyway. As I cruised to a job interview in Pleasanton along 680 in my Dad's Pontiac, I had the "Rave 'til Dawn" side on and TURNED UP LOUD!

Man, that Pontiac could haul. The highway patrol officer that pulled me over said "I had to go about 85 to catch you. Where's the fire?" Whoops. That music will suck you in. I decided against telling him that "Can You Feel The Passion (Palladium mix) by Blue Pearl" was the culprit. He did take pity on me and wrote the ticket for 70 once I explained I was late for a job interview. He must have felt the passion. Thanks Officer Benevolent, wherever you are!