Nine the winner!

Jason Shellen
23 years ago

The Strip in all it's glory

My head hurts. I guess that is normal after a trip to Las Vegas. Only mine doesn't hurt from the drinking or the singing or the gambling. (More on these later.) No, I picked up a nasty little throat/head cold thing. Just the kind of thing that makes you need a vacation from your vacation. Props to M&P for putting us up in San Diego. Nuts to Highway 1 and the entire city of Santa Barbara, again I will explain later but as I mentioned MY HEAD HURTS. Sorry for the caps.

My head is telling me to stop staring at pixels like a dope and go to bed. My eyes wanted me to leave you another pic before we go. I guess even though I don't like the dude's music you just have to see him in Vegas.

The feet are dragging me away. More later ...