Next year: Stephen King novel adaptation in graham cracker

Jason Shellen
15 years ago · 1 min read


My youngest brother Grant explains in his post that we had a friendly little graham cracker house making party at Mom's recently. My competitive spirit lay dormant until he reminded me in the midst of building how creative (demented?) I had been in years past.

Jason has been more adventurous, one year creating a graham-cracker car accident that left a gingerbread man severed in half, bleeding red sprinkle blood onto the foil road beneath him, still a smile on his lifeless face.

Morbid but true. This year's house is not quite as full bore as I had hoped but I had to try so I decided to make an American Gladiator joust style event gone awry on the side of the house. The tree turned out odd too.

I think my sister-in-law Heather's tribute to Joseph Eichler would win if Froot Loop trophys had been awarded. Here are a few more photos of my graham cracker house. See Grant's blog for the other more G-rated houses where gingerbread men live happier, sugar coated lives.