NASCAR tryouts or simple cab ride

Jason Shellen
22 years ago · 2 min read

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First off, I am back in the Bay Area in one piece but it wasn't for lack of trying.

I landed in LA and promptly got in a near-death experience generator, I mean taxi. The cab to my hotel was driven by a half-blind gentleman who locked up the rear wheels no less than 3 times in a 10 mile area. He was shouted at, honked at and screamed at. Needless to say the one finger salute was dished out as well.

The next day I thought I was safe taking a very short 2 mile cab ride. No such luck. The driver intentionally cut off a BMW and flipped him off. Again excessive braking and yet I still tipped him!? I actually took a few more cab rides that night and there was nothing interesting to report.

On the way to the airport my driver, Elijah, was very amped up and happy to get me to the airport as fast as possible in morning rush-hour traffic. I don't know whether to congratulate the man for our narrow escape from disaster. We were almost the 4th car in a 3 car pile-up right in front of us. Lot's of skidding and cursing from Elijah. As I looked on wondering if the passengers of the other very mangled cars were ok, Elijah pulled around them and announced "It's OK. That was a close one but we will still make the airport ok." Here I was thinking of jumping out and helping and he was thinking "Man, this guy needs to make that flight". I have mixed feelings about that one.

A final cab story, the above photo is the very same cab, this one in Las Vegas and not all that interesting but a good warning for all of you heading to Vegas in the future. When you tell the cabbie that the destination is the new hotel "Paris" you might want to add "You know, the one with the miniature Eiffel Tower" or you will end up at "Harrahs". Paris. Harrahs. Paris. Harrahs. Good thing he wasn't a private jet driver. That could really screw up your plans to see the Louvre for the day.