My 2nd Blogiversary

Jason Shellen
21 years ago · 1 min read

I've been using Blogger for 2 years as of today. In fact, I liked the service so much that I now work for the company behind Blogger (Ok, you probably knew that already). Blogging has been fun, working on Blogger has been even more fun. I find myself so busy daily that I don't have the time to spend blogging here, although on our internal company blog I am a much more frequent blogger. I hope I can change my ways one day and add more to this site soon. I usually make grand promises here and don't deliver. Take for instance last years promise of a retrospective of It only took me a year to deliver, so here it is. From, pre-Blogger, to more current incarnations. This space hasn't been earth shattering lately. Maybe that will change soon... or maybe I will continue to be very, very busy helping develop Blogger into all I know it can become. In the meanwhile enjoy the retrospective as well as some selected posts from the past 2 years.