Mr. Blogger if your nasty

Jason Shellen
20 years ago · 1 min read

Hey there! Are you new to You look familiar... but something about the kind of email I've been getting lately tells me you are here for the first time. This is the personal site of Jason Shellen (just in case you missed that massive header graphic up top). I am a 29 year old father of one, happily married and living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also happen to have been working with Evan Williams and team over at Pyra Labs for a couple of years on Blogger. We were recently purchased by Google and now we work on Blogger down in Google's Mountain View headquarters. If you have a question or are having a problem with Blogger you should try the Blogger Help page or try using We are sinking massive amounts of time and energy into making customer support at Blogger top notch. Not that I don't like a friendly email now and again but for support contacting me is not nearly as efficient as Control. Thanks!