More something or other in 2010

Jason Shellen
13 years ago

Counting this post, I blogged 11 times this year. I couldn't even manage a measly post a month. It wasn't for lack of things going on. I mostly hated the format of my blog and my whole media workflow. Photos on Flickr (and now Brizzly), status and jokes on Twitter (synced to Facebook), videos on YouTube, everything on Friendfeed, Reader and Tumblr. It's a mess. It's a mess I hope to sort out in 2010 but it's neither here nor there. I did give a little makeover so maybe I'll stop hating it so much. A big help along the way, I'm using Typekit to give it a fresh new feel. Instead of an empty promise to blog more in 2010 maybe I should just plan to sort out this mess for you, me and everyone. Happy New Year and happy new media!