Marriage by the numbers

Jason Shellen
18 years ago

As of yesterday, I have been married to Allison for 7 lucky years and it made me think of some of the numbers in our marriage during those seven years:

  • 100,000 miles commuted. To San Jose, San Francisco, and now Mountain View. German car manufacturers love me.
  • 2500 lattes and/or cups of coffee consumed. Gotta stay alert!
  • Five - Number of years I've been blogging as of last month. Over 2/3rds of our marriage, I feel as if an apology of some sort is owed.
  • 2 children and 2000 diapers. I didn't say I changed them all. Maybe ~10%.
  • 1 friend I can count on to forever tell me whenever I need to hear it that 'Those pants would go better with your black Kenneth Cole shoes'.
Only love brings out the back-of-the-napkin statistician trapped inside me. Clearly Allison married a robot. A coffee-drinking, highway-friendly, blogging, diaper-dodging, fashionable, but utterly grateful robot.