Know peace. No war.

Jason Shellen
21 years ago

Nuclear holy warriors? Does Bush know that he isn't fighting a cartoon super villain? No? Oh well then proceed by all means for the embetterment of mankind. The USA isn't easily fooled, again, or something. Glad we aren't only in this thing for our many oil interests in the region. It's hard to say it any better than Jon Stewart did on The Daily Show a few days ago:
Stewart floated the idea that perhaps the United States wanted to effect "regime change" in order to grab control of the oil in the region. Stephanopoulos agreed it was a possibility. "But that's crazy! Who in this administration has interests in the oil industry?" cried Stewart in pretend bafflement. "Who?!"
Additionally, it seems Bush wants to fight to avenge a threat on his fathers life. I say we send Bush to Baghdad. That's the way a cartoon super hero would do it. You didn't see Batman roping high school graduates into doing his fighting for him, Bush shouldn't either. When are elections again?