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Jason Shellen
13 years ago · 2 min read


My medical provider Kaiser Permanente just sent an email update on their H1N1 flu vaccine availability with the helpful sounding subject line: H1N1 vaccine now available to all Kaiser Permanente members. Previously, they would only give vaccines to the most high risk groups, mainly based on age. Inside this email was a link to their website and a phone number (1-800-KP-FLU-11) to call to find out where the next flu clinic would be. Let's put aside for a minute that Kaiser has my zip code and could have sent along the location and schedule. However, clicking the link just gave the same phone number. Kaiser it's 2010, you have my location and a website - you could really stand to use your website to disseminate relevant information.

Moving on, I gave up and called the flu clinic hotline number. After using the voice prompt system (it got my local facility on the second try), it played recorded information from December 7, 2009 that all vaccinations have been centralized at another location and that I would need to call another number! This is getting silly Kaiser. I suggest getting a blog or Twitter account so you could really get information out there. Here's an example of what life looks like in the future:

Kaiser members in the Walnut Creek area

If you are looking for the Kaiser flu clinic in Walnut Creek, California - you can call the Kaiser Martinez Campus flu hotline at (925.372.1615) however, last night the recording stated:

As of Monday, January 4th - Seasonal & H1N1 vaccinations are available for all members.

  • No appointment is needed, just drop in at the Martinez campus
  • Available on the 1st floor of the Ensenada Building
  • Shots are available Tues, Wed and Thursdays
  • between 9 - Noon & between 1:30 until 4:30 pm (or when supplies are depleted)
  • Bring your member ID
  • Wear a short sleeve shirt

There you go Kaiser and that took me 5 minutes and I don't work for you. You can't swing a stethoscope without hitting a social media consultant who can help, I bet you could start doing this in no time. I'll be waiting, patiently.

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