It must be the Kid A Blues

Jason Shellen
23 years ago


Having a particularly down day I can't believe that reading an article about how unhappy Radiohead frontman, Thom "Paranoid Android" Yorke, is made me feel better. Maybe it is because I couldn't possibly imagine the kinds of demons this guy has. If you don't subscribe to Spin , you should. In addition to being a great magazine they are great about posting their content online after a few weeks. Here is a particularly cheery exchange between the interviewer and Thom.

Interviewer:You once said of OK Computer: “At the 11th hour, when we realized what we had done, we had qualms about the fact that we had created this thing that was quite revolting.” Any similar (or otherwise) thoughts about the new record?

Thom Yorke: When we finished it made me cry sitting in the back of a car from start to finish...does that help?

Skip the dead tree edition and check out the entire Radiohead interview online at Happy Friday Thom, I hear your album topped the Billboard charts but for God's sake don't smile.