It's a boy!

Jason Shellen
21 years ago · 1 min read

Andrew Michael Shellen (you can call him Drew) was born today at 5:49AM. A whopping 9 pounds and 4 ounces of pure joy! He's a strong little guy and cute too. I'll try and get pictures up soon.

It's been a long trip, as we were admitted to the hospital on Wednesday morning at 1:45 AM. Almost 27 hours later, Drew breathed his first gulp of air. Allison was amazing. She's the strongest person I know. Allie, the baby and I are doing fine (aside from both being absolutely beat). Unfortunately, Drew needs to spend a little time in intensive care to get rid of some of the fluid in his lungs. Maybe a few days. I've seen him a few times since birth and he seems A-Ok and is responsive to my touch and talking to him. Prayers and good thoughts are kindly appreciated though. Right now I'm vacillating between floating on air that I have a SON and thinking about how good a few hours sleep would feel. Small price to pay for an amazing little miracle.

Thank you to all the well wishers and especially to our family and friends who gave up a night of sleep to be with us. If you want to say howdy to Drew, you know the drill: drew AT shellen dot com. More Drew soon...