I'm all over the place

Jason Shellen
19 years ago · 1 min read


Posting here has been light even though I've been posting like mad to some test blogs I've set up. I'm in NYC in the Google booth at the Digital Life show. If you are interested in seeing demos of any or all of Google's products we have a great booth that was designed in conjunction with the folks at Lego. If you are in the area come on by - I think it's $15 at the door and there are all sorts of freebies and giveaways all through the weekend till Sunday.

It's been a busy few weeks, last week was the Web 2.0 show which was a lot of fun even though most of my conversations opened with a discussion of why Ev is leaving and what he's going to do...and he was there! C'mon folks - go to the source. Despite Ev's early search engine retirement, I should mention that I'm happily dedicated to Blogger for some time. I'm not leaving anytime soon unless there is a secret coup in the works. If there is I wouldn't rule out Stone as a conspirator - he's been maniacally cackling a bit too often these days.

The week before Web 2.0, I spoke in South Lake Tahoe on a panel about blogging at Gnomedex. The conversation quickly turned to podcasting, video blogging and disintermediation of old media. The folks at ITConversations have a streaming and downloadable versions. You even get to hear me call Scoble an 'alpha geek', I'm sorry Robert - it's true. ;)

I should also mention that I just asked my brother Grant to do a bit of guest blogging since I feel like I'm on the bi-monthly plan. This is the first guest blogger for shellen dot com and I expect you to give him at least the same amount of harassment that I've come to expect of my dear readers.