Hey that was private!

Jason Shellen
20 years ago

A while back I wrote to Salam Pax, the blogger in Baghdad, suggesting some ways around the Iraqi block of Blog*Spot. Since then I've thought of him every once in a while. When Ev added journalist Kevin Sites to the list of 'Blogs of Note', I was reminded that I should add 'Where is Raed?', as a Blog of Note as well. Since that time multiple sources (Reuters, CBS Marketwatch, BBC and more) have written stories about his blog. Salam's image host provider quickly became overloaded. We offered the image host provider that we could transition the images to Blog*Spot rather than have the images unavailable. The host provider copied a Wired journalist on my email response and now we have a Wired article, Iraq Blog: Hubbub Over a Headlock | Wired.com, with quotes from my email. With all this activity being done to preserve his web site, I hope Salam is as well preserved in the flesh.