Geeking out on vacation

Jason Shellen
17 years ago · 1 min read


A little windy on Maui - This was taken with a Digital Rebel, not a phone.

I'm a huge nerd, which is a surprise to no one reading this post. I'm on vacation right now but wrapping up a little work that I didn't get around to finishing before I left. It just so happens that our rental on Maui happens to have a free in room wifi connection. I'm going to have to throw my PowerBook power adapter in the ocean or something so I can forget about the web for a bit.

While I'm here I'm trying out a phone that Sprint sent me as part of their Sprint Ambassador program. I'm not sure how or why I was picked to be an Ambassador but the duties include using one of their cool Power Vision phones with a wicked fast EVDO connection for free for 6-months. I accept and it's cool and all but I still really like my Treo 650, mainly because of the thumb board. Nothing beats a thumb board for quick SMS and url entry. Just last night as I was trying to send this picture to Flickr from the Power Vison phone (a Samsung A920) I wrestled with the subject line on the keypad and ended up sending Blvd as Blud. I should mention the photo at the top of this post is from a Canon Digital Rebel, not the Samsung. Anyway, look for more pics from the Samsung on my Flickr stream and for less answering email for a little while. Aloha.