Free-style walking pneumonia

Jason Shellen
17 years ago · 1 min read


I recently reviewed a bunch of my old posts and primarily it turns out that this blog is about tracking my personal health and if you are lucky a product announcement every so often.

In the absence of more juicy information on a secret new Google application and in the grand tradition of shellen dot com: the medical blog, I must disclose that I have walking pneumonia. For those of you who I work with or hung out with last week at the August Annual don't worry it's not catchy. How did I get pneumonia? I had a cold that turned into a respiratory infection (back in JULY!), then I took antibiotics (apparently not strong enough) paired up with not enough rest and it lingered around turning into some weird looking white spots in my chest (from the creepy looking X-ray I saw last Friday). It's called walking pneumonia because people generally go about their business not knowing they have symptoms until, as in my case, I noticed a rattle in my chest. Though free-style walking pneumonia, vert ramp pneumonia, or downhill luging pneumonia would sound cooler it should probably be called "So that's why I'm winded after walking a flight of stairs pneumonia!".

It is with new more potent antibiotics and prescription inhaler in hand that I bid you good day. This time around I'm going to try and get some rest. I'll be off the computer for as long as I can stand. Ciao!