Etech 2004 notes

Jason Shellen
19 years ago · 2 min read

This is gonna get ugly. This post I mean. I'll be updating it throughout the day during my notes for this years Emerging Tech conference.

  • Technorati Hacks : Dave Sifry is talking about Technorati and some new hacks and developer tools they are working on. He's just showed off the Technorati Top Products Cosmos page. Announced Technorati directions, Open Reviews format, subscription mechanism (keywork, cosmos, etc), profile discovery and filtering of subscription lists (attention.xml), vote links [Editor: I'm lukewarm on this one], geosearch and filtering (11K blogs in DB). Also demoed blog links and breaking news features of the site. Full notes here...
  • Fluidtime: Timing Tools for Social Networks : Molly Steenson and Michael Kieslinger, interaction design gurus are presenting some elegant slides on the sensitivities of timing in a social network. Molly is running through some scenarios in a planned group dinner among a group of women. A sophisticated network of phone calls, IM, and email usage emerges from the big picture planning down to the micro-level of the actual rendezvous. 'Hypercoordination' - enforces rules of the group, emotional state, and expresses individuality. FluidTime project website. Demoed SMS app. Finding the right moment involves: time coordination, time personalities, social network roles, tools, event types and etc. 'Real life is messy.' Not enough to take a user centered approach. Personas are good but question the assumptions used to make the personas. Presentation here: Social-Fluidtime PDF Full notes here...
  • Leveraging RSS at Disney : Disney is using RSS for internal collaboration with wikis and blogs. Of course gorgeous designs and fun stuff like 'Finding Nemo' characters on wiki content. Using pMachine, MT and . Spoke about the two-way capabilities coming down the road when they move away from RSS and towards Atom. Fielded many questions from the crowd about wiki security, feed access levels and securing blog content. Operations engineering folks have 100 people contributing to 6 blogs. One blog in particular has 50 users with about a third considered (active). Over 200 users of the wiki. Spoke about the difficulties of getting users who are at home blogging internally, (telecommuting issues).
  • !Echo wiki: Lessons Learned : Sam Ruby is sharing part of the process and good and bad wiki experiences.