Brizzly: Coming soon from Thing Labs

Jason Shellen
14 years ago


A few hours ago I gave a preview of the web app that we have been working on at Thing Labs. It's called Brizzly and it's a fun, new way to use Twitter. Brizzly lets you do all the things you love on Twitter plus a bit more. We are still working on it and most notably the user interface isn't final, but Techcrunch wrote up a little piece about Brizzly and *cringe* has a video of my demo (which I haven't watched). The team at Thing Labs has been working really hard to get it ready for use, but the conference came up a little before we were ready to release to the world. Never fear, go to and enter your info if you would like an invite and we'll send you one when we are ready. Also, how cute is the bear wearing a bird suit (if I don't say so myself)?