Blogger for Word add-in

Jason Shellen
17 years ago · 1 min read


A lot of you folks love Blogger but would rather use, say Microsoft Word, to compose your blog posts. Awesome. As of today, you can download Blogger for Word. An add-in that puts a Blogger toolbar right in Word.

I have spent a lot of time on this over the past few months and I should let you know that we designed this for maximum compatibility with older versions of Word going back to Word 2000 on Windows 2000. That means that this is a very simple toolbar, but once you try round-tripping a document (publish, view on the web, make some changes, publish again) you will see that it is powerful as well. Of course the trade-off was that we couldn't support images, tables or some of the wackier formatting in Word - perhaps in another version. See the FAQ for more on system requirements and such.

As Ev mentioned in his post, the biggest tradeoff is that this is Windows-only. As a Mac-fan I tried to find a good developer to do a Mac version and came up short. If you have any recommendations, I'm all ears.

Finally, I think we have delivered something that gives anyone the ability to do online document storage with the 'Save Drafts' feature. If you don't consider yourself a blogger or don't want to publish your documents, you can still use the add-in. Try it out - a Blogger account is free. I would love to hear what you think of the add-in in the comments.

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