At the risk of losing all male readership

Jason Shellen
21 years ago · 1 min read

The past few months of preparation for our coming child have been interesting. I've assembled a crib, a cradle, a rocking chair, a stroller, a set of shelves and a changing table. I've painted the baby's nursery, sanded and painted the changing table (I'm up to 3 coats on this changing table, a fourth and hopefully final coat to be added this week), and over the last two days I painted a moon and stars on the walls of the nursery.

Allison and I have registered. Shopped. Returned. Bought a station wagon. Shopped again. Gone to childbirth preparation classes. Visited the doctor, many times. Toured the hospital (it's only 15 minutes away if I drive 90!). Been to showers for Allison. Planned for her to stop work at the end of this month. Played classical music via headphones to the womb. All of this for a little tiny kid.

Whenever I think of any of this as hard work though, I am reminded, not by Allison, that I don't have to force the thing out of my uterus. I'm sure it's all worth it though. The baby is already hip to good music. Yesterday, in the car he/she kicked like wild for Beck and seems to be a Get Up Kids fan as well.

This is gonna be fun.


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