Another year whips by...

Jason Shellen
23 years ago · 1 min read


27, that sounds old. Michael Jackson made Thriller when he was 25. Michael Dell was well on his way as a computer magnate by the time he was 21. Marc Andreeson had already started and left a revolution behind at Netscape by the time he was 27 and he is already well into his second huge venture now at 29. My contemporaries in the sports world make me feel even worse. Jason Kidd, also 27, who stomped the Saint Mary's basketball team into an embarrassingly huge puddle at the Oakland Coliseum back in his Cal days is now headed to the Olympics. I don't even want to talk about Tiger Woods or Kobe Bryant.

But at least this is the beginning of 27. I have a whole year to get going on some sort of accomplishment. I will start taking ideas today, preferably untapped, highly profitable ideas in the wireless , networking or web development industries. Just send them in.

And another thing, what can you do when you are 27 that you can't at any other age. 18 your an adult. 21 is the drinking age. This is a stretch but at 25 you can rent a car without penalties. What is 27? The only thing I know of is that I can no longer buy a student Eurorail pass. Help me out in finding what this number brings.