Another shoebox full of links

Jason Shellen
21 years ago · 3 min read

Since the links and random thoughts are just piling up here over at and we are trying to clean house before we have the family over for the 22-pound bird on Thursday I better post 'em now. Lots of self referential stuff here too (yeah, I'm not sure how that's different from any other day either).

  • While at Ev's apartment working on the new Pentium 4 killer, patent-pending Pyra V chip, we took a break long enough to have a picture snapped with some friends.
  • Happily spreading memes

  • My shampoo says 'normalizing shampoo' but I feel the same. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.

  • Grant just dedicated a Dilated Peoples song to me on his radio show with the comment 'I think he thinks he's African American or something.' Geez, you tell a guy you like the Outkast album 'Stankonia' and you get branded a hip hop supastar.

  • While were are on the music tip, the make-up show for the cancelled Weezer show from 9/11 in San Jose was last night. The bill was Jimmy Eat World, Tenacious D, and Weezer. It was a great show. Don't tell Allison but I am putting Jimmy back into the pool of names for our potential son (or daughter) after last night's show. They certainly know how to rock in a way that makes me think that Weezer should have opened for them. Either that or they both should have opened for Tenacious D. The 'D' were on fire. Both barrels firing rock gems and comedic nuggets. They were dirty. They were funny. They rocked. You should see them if you get the chance.

  • is a nearly curse free zone. I do occasionally use the choice four-letter word in real life but you won't ever see it here. Why you might ask? It's a family site. Mom reads the site. Family reads the site. People who would never in a million years take me up on my recommendation to go see Tenacious D read the site. Luckily any time I want to say the word s*&$ I can post it over on MetaGrrrl, as Dinah has graciously offered. The other six words are still up for grabs. Thanks Dinah!

  • I have a friend named Ash who recently started an organic vegetable delivery company in the Bay Area. They don't have any Aeron chairs in their office and from what I understand don't have any walnut desks at all so they shouldn't suffer the same fate as Webvan [r.i.p.]. Anyway, it's called West Side Organics. If you like your veggies fresh and free of pesticides this is for you.

  • I'm going to the Weblogger Interest Group meeting tonight. They corrected last meetings oversight of not having beer AT the meeting. Well see how it goes.

  • Lastly, the baby is doing well so far. We heard the heartbeat the other day and it sounds like a horse galloping down the street. That's a good sign or were having a foal. Anyway, Allison rejoined the blogging world with a somewhat spiritual post today. I'm not sure what to make of it either.