1GB of email - you're kidding right?

Jason Shellen
19 years ago · 1 min read

On Wednesday afternoon I speculated on an internal Google mail list...

Let me begin the headline speculation game for tomorrow:

CNET: Google email no joke
NYTimes: You've got Gmail
WashingtonPost: Prank is on spam

My colleague Kevin Fox filled in the blanks today.

Actually, it was:

USA Today: Google: 'Gmail' no joke...

CNN: You've got Gmail
Tech Review: Gmail: No Prank


For those still wondering, it is the real deal. I finally received my personal Gmail account last night and promptly forwarded 6-months worth of mail into it. I did a similar thing this time last year when we received our internal Gmail accounts. I have Meg and Ev's first email to me and the old 'Friends of Pyra' email all just a blazing fast query away. I can't wait 'til the rest of the world gets to take a look at all this hard work and cool technology. Soon enough I hear. For now I suggest you add yourself to the announcement list.

[update]: How about a few screenshots? Gmail thread collapsed (small), Gmail thread collapsed (large), Gmail thread expanded (small), and Gmail thread expanded (large).