Well I wouldn't say I "missed" work

Jason Shellen
14 years ago · 1 min read


I'm featured in an article on CNN today called: They left the corporate cocoon to blossom. The article is about people like Vanessa Fox and I who left cushy gigs at big companies to strike out on our own. Highly recommended reading *ahem*.

A couple points of clarification about the article:

  • CNN must have some sort of editorial policy against outbound links, you can sign up to be notified of our pending launch at Plinky.com
  • The article states that I was "complacent" at Google. I would probably use the word "restless".
  • Start-up life isn't for everyone and I certainly wouldn't advise foolishly quitting a perfectly good job because it was my preference to do so. This downturn isn't going to be easy on anyone, least of all small businesses.
  • That said, it does feel a lot more like you are living your own life when you have a hand in your own fate. Don't let the economy keep a good idea down. I feel a flurry of motivational quips coming on: "Where there is a will there's a way", "Just do it", "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it". The last one snuck in there and might not apply.

For all of you who have been waiting for Plinky... it's just around the corner. More on that soon.