New logo

September 2007

New logo and August 2007 summary

Hot in here was during August. We were literally working on 50˚C to prepare September launches for some of our clients. There is a very good news which our corporate site can now announce. According to Google Analytics, we have had visitors from 125 countries! We are delighted to say that Rainfall Daffinson has experienced a warm welcome in the design community. During the August our site was featured on CSS Beauty, Smashing Magazine, CSS Import, Best Web Gallery, The Best Designs, CSS Mania, CSS Elite, CSS Juice, CSS Princess, Design By Grid, Design Melt Down and approximately 80 more sites. Thanks to everyone.

Ours truly Milos Radulovic has created our new logo. We live in remix era. In the spirit of our brand experience, Rainfall Daffinson logo in digital environment is color independent. That meens you can be part of remix culture and choose any color you like for Rainfall Daffinson logo and site. The logo symbolises “RD”, the letters standing for “Rainfall Daffinson” and “Research & Development”.

About Rainfall Daffinson

Rainfall Daffinson is a strategic design consultancy founded in 2006 by Marko Bijelic and Dalibor Vasiljevic. Company has created scores of web sites for clients worldwide. From Silicon Valley (, London (, and Dubai ( to the Serbian branch of world’s No. 1 Coca-Cola brand. Rainfall Daffinson has developed a RDA Methodology as well. Our work is located in a couple of Southeast European offices.