Mary's Page

Mary Sondgroth

artist portrait
Hometown: Cupertino,CA
Graduating May 1996
Major: B.A. in Art

Mary owes her love of art to an inspiring teacher she had during her junior year in high school. "I had to take an elective and I decided the least painful one would be art but I actually had fun." Mary started with water colors in high school and moved on to acrylics during college.

Mary transfered from DeAnza Community College to Saint Mary's during her sophomore year. She took design courses for the first time and fell in love with the clean lines and geometric shapes. Mary admires the movement of Van Gogh's paintings and sees a movement in her own work.

In the future Mary would like to pursue a career in interior design, architechtural design, or advertising. She definately sees a career in the art industry after graduation and some day graduate school.

Mary's other interests are in sports, watching and playing and hopes one day to build and design her own home, possibly in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Untitled, acrylic, 1995

Untitled, acrylic, 1995

Detail of Star, acrylic, 1994

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