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Karen E. Woldemar

artist portrait
Hometown: Richmond,CA
Graduating May 1996
Double Major: B.A. in Art
BA in Integral Studies

Karen started painting seriously back in high school moving beyond drawing with colored pencils and doodling for a bigger challenge. Karen says she used to paint with water color on her father's thin architectural blue print paper "but it got pretty wrinkly, being so thin, but then I switched to oils."

Karen delved into portraiture and still considers it her strongest suit. She practiced from photographs and developed her own style, a study of light and shadow. When asked if she looked to other artists for a style she said "I never really patterned myself after any one artist but I always like to think that what Georgia O'Keefe does with flowers, I do with faces by enlarging the subject."

She finds it hard to classify her portraiture work, but would probably explain it as an abstraction on photorealism. Woldemar's portraits are usually done on large canvases, some over 6 feet wide and 10 feet in length. She is moving now into doing some smaller pieces mainly landscapes and compositions. Her latest efforts include figure studies as shown here and looks forward to more work in this area.

Woldemar is interested in pursuing a Masters in Painting degree after graduation, hopefully at the San Francisco Art Institute or CCAC (California College of Arts and Crafts).

Karen's other interests include philosophy, "I love Plato", and remaining environmentally conscious.

Georgia O'Keefe
oil on canvas,1995

Quick studies ,oil pastel,1996

Quick studies ,oil pastel,1996

Quick studies ,oil pastel,1996
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