Jason's Page

Jason H. Shellen

artist portrait
Hometown: Fremont,CA
Graduating May 1996
Major: BA in Art

Jason has had an interest in art dating back to the time he was five and discovered that cartoonists actually get paid. Although fireman and superhero were tempting careers at the time, the prospect of becoming an artist never left young Jason.

The idea was rekindled during high school and art and drafting courses eventually directed him toward graphic design. Jason attended Ohlone Community College and studied graphic design and computer graphics along with the basics of fine art. "I started doing internships and began to do some freelance work but I felt like I needed some more grounding in fine art before I moved on." Jason transferred to Saint Mary's after recieving an A.A. degree in Fine Arts from Ohlone.

Working with paint, pencils and sculpting refined his computer work and gave him a better sense of color and balance. He looks to Albrecht Durer as a favorite line art master and dramatic painter. " I am stunned when I look at what level of realism and emotion was captured by artists so long ago." These days Jason has been focussing on figure studies and hopes to continue in this area.

After graduation, Jason sees himself either working as a graphic designer, or continuing his studies in graphic design or character animation at a graduate art school. "One day I hope to have my own company designing and making bicycles and cycling related apparel and goodies... although being the next Bill Watterson or Walt Disney isn't out of the question either."

Harbour, oil on canvas, 1994

Lone surfer, computer retouched photo, 1996

Aids, computer illustration, 1994

Etniko, computer illustrated clothing design, 1995

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