Courtney's Page

Courtney Hepton

artist portrait
Hometown: Veradale,WA
Graduating May 1996
Major: BA in Art

Courtney's freshman year art classes forced her to reconsider her plans to enter the 3-2 engineering program. " I liked the creativity and the self-expression in art." "I loved sculpture for the hands on building." Courtney plans on creating even more sculpture in her last year at Saint Mary's. Picasso has always been a big influence in her artwork due to his versatility. Paul Gaugin's sculptures have also been inspiring. Courtney has modeled some of her work after Picasso's figures and Gaugin's sculpture.

Courtney sees having some aspect of art in her life always. "I've been thinking alot about teaching, possibly high school, which would leave some time to do art recreationally." Whatever Courtney choses will surely be a rest from her four years of competitive collegiate basketball playing for the Saint Mary's College Gaels. Courtney would like to go on to grad school eventually but feels that gaining some on the job experience possibly in set design, digital editing, or maybe coaching high school sports or pursuing a credential.

oil on canvas, 1994

Detail of Scream
oil on canvas, 1994

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