Toyota to Offer Smart Key Wristwatches

In Japan-only for the time being.

Ashlee Simpson thinks blogs are too time consuming

Then just read MeFi, Ash.

At Roberts Hearings, Bored Senators Become Photojournalists

Senators discover what Summer from the OC already knew - that cameraphones are the autograph of the 21st century.

Of course if you need this service, you may need a seperate service to remind you to sign-up.

Kerplunk - The rise and fall of the Lookout Records empire.

Great read about the 'post-Dookie Lookout' [via Stereogum]

Writely - How do I post to Blogger?

This nice web-based word processing site can also post to Blogger.

Blake... da Musical

A musical about Robert Blake.

Blog Search by Google

Search blogs from all over the web.

Six-Year List of Names for Atlantic Storms

'Names are recycled every 6 years. Influential hurricanes have their names retired.'

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