Robertson issues Fatwa

Tell Robertson you don't remember assasination being advocated by Jesus.

Berners-Lee on the read/write web

Talks about how blogging is close to his original vision of the web. [via Derek Baird]

Google Talk

'Talk and IM with your friends for free'

vedana: Fresh Gmail

Eric explains a cool new feature for Gmail that just went live.


Great UI solution for printing envelopes [via TUAW]

Lush Life West Sounds

Kanye West's The College Dropout mixed with the Beach Boys Pet Sounds.

Support Our Ribbons

What no Git-R-Done ribbon?

This was posted from Microsoft Word

Word, I have finally tamed you!

A Comparision of the Size of the Yahoo and Google Indices

'...on average Yahoo! only returns 37.4% of the results that Google does and, in many cases, returns significantly less'. Ouch.

Another Director's Path- Parte Deux

Great story from one of the brains behind Family Guy.

If Bloggers Had Been Around Throughout History

Fun Viewmaster promo put together by 6A.

Harlan McCraney: Presidential Speechalist

Andy Dick as the President's speechwriter, Harlan McCraney. Awesome!

Study: Web site's appearance matters

This posits that design by a certain gender attracts that gender. I buy that.

Google Fight : RSS 1.0 vs RSS 2.0

Calling a fight between RSS and Atom is stacking the deck by a long shot.

Crime, Pornography Taint Russian Reality Show

My fellow Americans, rejoice! We are not alone in the decay of modern civilization! The title graphic alone proves this.

Art prankster sprays Israeli wall

Love that Banksy [via rebecca's pocket]

KMaps for Treo

Cool looking mapping program that uses Google Maps.

Breaking story: Google News Feeds

Google News adds Atom and RSS feeds. Yay!

Peter Jennings, urbane news anchor, dies at 67

Rest in peace.


Mine arrived yesterday. Such. A. Geek.

The Treo 670 is real and does run Windows Mobile

Video proof of new Treo running Pocket PC software. Weird.

Adaptive Path Helicarrier

My buddy Ryan has been thinking about the future at AP.

PHP baby doll

Nice, but where's the Mens version?

Odds Against 7even

I'm a sucker for a fake viral campaign, especially when it involves free music, ringtones or podcasts from indie bands.

Fearless Basra blogger is abducted and murdered

American journalist and blogger, Steven Vincent, was assasinated in Iraq.

Calling All Luddites

Thomas Friedman in the NYTimes on the role of technology in the future of politics.

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