Bitten chef saved his life by snapping lethal spider

Cameraphone to the rescue!

George Lucas Guests On 'The O.C.,' Announces Two 'Star Wars' Series

This seems like an April Fools headlilne I would have written - but it's not!

Five non-standard spellings of 'weblog' (and where I'd like to see each used)

I would add Webl Ogs (The Princess Bride)

Interview with the Music Supervisor for The O.C.

I must confess, I own all 4 OC mixes.

GoogleMap for Tivo

Enter a zip code and zoom away on your TV.

Counter Counterfeit Commission

Protecting you from buying a counterfeit Mini. Awesome viral campaign.

Armstrong Says He Will Retire After Tour De France

It would have been more like him to announce that he will retire after *winning* his 7th Tour De France.

Adobe to acquire Macromedia

Congratulations to both sides. However, I'm calling the death of MM Fireworks at 06:00 hours on April 18th, 2005.

iPod-A-Month Creativity Competition

This means something.

Google Search: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

Well that clears that up.

The Annotated New York Times

Nice use of blog search.

Google Maps now with satellite data

Get directions to your next protest.


Ouch! The price of gas in the Bay Area is getting a little out of control.

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