Ashlee Simpson Karaoke Edition iPod

It's fake, get it!

Who Links To Me

I'll bite.

Happy Halloween from Blogger

I was looking forward to getting back to the I'm just scared.

Mediabistro hires Elizabeth Spiers As New Editor-in-Chief

Congrats to Gawker and Kicker pioneer Spiers on the new gig.

Google Desktop Search

Google your own computer.

DigitalLife NYC

Google, Microsoft and AOL - I understand but Ludacris?

JustBlogIt v0.1

A neat little tool from our buddy Dylan Parker.

Hot Links

Hot links just got hotter - now it includes this linkblog!

The Diaries of Barbara Bush Sr

Best grandma blog ever.

JavaHMO for Tivo

Share even more with your networked Tivo.

Google SMS

I will never go without good coffee again!

Campaigns Ask Supporters to Flood Web

This strategy still won't make your candidate less of an a**hole.


Who needs content when you've got really colorful ads?

Blogger founder leaves Google

...or as I like to call it 'Ev gets to sleep in'.

Television Archiving

Jeff Ubois new blog about TV archiving.


Not as high-brow as BoingBoing but not as low-brow as the Stile Project.

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