What does your phone number spell?


You know, for collectifying stuff.

Auto type photos

The Dart Swinger is my favorite.

The Wired 40

What no Blogger mention? Ok - I'll settle for the corporate name.


Bike... Bring Stuff! [link via Bruner Blog]

Eats, Shoots and Leaves Quiz

I'm a 58% stickler.

FICA Condor

This looks more impressive in person and only $299 sans P4.

Eric Idle presents The FCC Song

If they broadcast it, it will cost a quarter of a million dollars.

Caroville on innocence

A reminder that the West Memphis Three have still not received a fair trial.

Hello, Photoblogging

The BloggerBot is your friend. Really.

To Woo Impatient Novices, Google Tweaks Its Blogger

We also did it for the nookie, the nookie - yeah.

How To Build A Blog

CBS News walks you through setting up a blog. Could use some screenshots IMHO.


Info that blends in with your Mac OS X Desktop. Needs a feed reader.

Estonia, where being wired is a human right

Well it is!

We will crush you

Vengeance is almost always a bad idea, unless you are Batman.

Powell Says C.I.A. Was Misled About Weapons

How do you mislead the CIA? Tell them the NSA are working for the KGB? Seriously?


I thought it was FreeCash when I clicked the link. Damn.

CSS Font Shadows

Your mileage may vary.

The Official Google Blog

Ev gets first post claim.

Atom Enabled T-Shirt

Just don't spill any of your feed on the shirt.

Easily post pictures to your Blog*Spot blog!

Stopdesign | The New Blogger

I'm glad that Doug can finally talk about his excellent work!

Blogger relaunch

Blogger drops knowledge


A mobile photoblogging system. Works with Blogger.

Desktop Transporter 1.0

Rendezous remote desktop for Mac OSX

Fred Durst's blog

American Aliens. Yep yep yep.

Yafros on the Frontline

Supporting the war and supporting the troops are two separate issues. Here's hoping for a speedy return gents.

Attention, Multi-Millionaires

You can get the U.S. Government to do anything you want.

Sex With Einstein? Yes, in The New Yorker

'I've never drawn a hat, and if I ever had to draw a fedora I'd have to Google it.'

Gore TV targets US twentysomethings

Next time I see Al, I'm recommending he name the channel GORE and not IndTV. Twentysomethings love gore.

mini-PCs at Logic Supply

Small, silent and stylish computer systems. I'm think I'm turning Japanese. I really think so.

Color scheme

Thanks for the complement.

iCube Play@TV

Only $199 and streams video from your PC to your TV

Lose a tooth? Just grow a new one!

I'm down. Where do I sign up?

Another crack at user-friendly feeds

Mark is pulling out all the stops. I didn't actually want the styled feeds to look TOO good.

Rock show sabotage!

'Be in the opening band and play the headlining band's set before them.'

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