Google to offer gigabyte of free e-mail

No joke - plus it's kickass. More on this soon.


News for Jews. All the Jews that's fit to print. Somebody stop me.

AAC to MP3

Great thread on options to free your locked Apple iTunes.

Air America Radio

The O'Franken Factor

You + HP + Affleck?

Project Greenlight promotion with HP

AOL takes spammer's Porsche

HelloJason, You may have already won a Porsche! 5XZ932

Wireless Presentation Gateway

With Whuffie presentation grading would be a good future integration.

Pick on

You can pick your friends AND your nose from now on.

Google Web Alerts

The logical extension of News alerts goes live.

Dean gives Kerry a loud and clear endorsement

As do I, if you were wondering.

pictures of my robbers

InterWeb do your stuff!!!


WiFi for your HiFi. It's got to be better than my Kima/Akoo 900mhz dealies. SXSW pics

Photographer. Partier. Corona-fan.

Bush pokes fun at himself at dinner

'Hah hah - plus I'm an ass! Ha!'

Wi-fi hard-drive unveiled

I'm going to have 4 terabytes of these by 2006.

Google Hacks online

I somehow missed the handy companion site to the book.

The Get Up Kids - iTunes Sessions

This link will only work if you have iTunes installed.

Netscape Desktop Navigator Preview

Netscape releasing software? What year is it again?

MP3 surround sound system debuts

How about Ogg Vorbis surround?

Kerry vs. Bush war record comparison

I like Kerry more every day.

All Eyes on Google

Yes, that's ANOTHER cover with Larry and Sergey this month. Next month - Maxim.

World's Longest Alphabetical Email Address

The spam battle is getting weirder every day.


Where to stay when you leave

You were expecting maybe something else?

Biodiesel Blog

Eric Case drops h-bomb of knowledge on your petro-powered life

Sony's personalized radio via cell

Will it sound like radio or a cell call?

Google Local Search

Goodbye Yahoo Yellow pages

Friendster Usability Analysis

Collaboratively created by the students of MIT course 6.171 in November 2003

geeks waiting for flight

Mac geeks even.

Google Spain remembers those lost today

The folks in our Madrid office are all physically safe - our thoughts are with you and yours.

Free wifi isn't always free

The owner of this site introduced himself at my local coffee shop. Guess that's the price you pay.

First They Came for the Shock Jocks

It's true we are in a new age of McCarthyism... and I know just who to blackball!!!

I-580 sniper suspect arrested

I never realized how many people own black trucks until last week. Glad this looks like it's over.

MC5 down with JT

Regime change starts with t-shirts.

Ordinary citizen has fun with a celebs old number

I hope she at least gets tickets to a Chris Rock show.


ObjectDock plus AppRocket = sexy looking OSX functionality on your Windows box

Quizno's Spokesthing Found at Local Laundromat

I haven't ever set foot in a Quizno's and I'm sure not gonna start now.

Fire Rod Paige!

Paige accused a teachers union of being a 'terrorist organization' for opposing the No Child left behind act.

California lawmakers propose lowering voting age to 14

They'll do anything to get people to vote!

How about some free drinks at SXSW?

Beer and schwag for Blogger users and friends in Austin!'s Credit Card Guide

helping travelers earn more frequent flyer miles with credit cards

Orkut Theme Song

'Network in your birthday suit' is my favorite line.

Fish on Lake Okeechobee

In Florida? Let my cousin Mike take you bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee.

BitPass enabled MP3 download site.

The Trucker

America's Trucking Newspaper - and source of Crystal Gayle news.

Former WorldCom chief Ebbers charged

Justice - faster than a speeding moped.


Peter Rojas leaves Nick for Jason and scores a new URL.

Profile of former President Aristide

I wonder what went wrong this time around?

Marla's Journal

A report on civilian causualties from the ground.

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