'Online Holiday Wish Tree Helps Brighten the Holidays for Disadvantaged Kids!' - Cool!


Barcode anything, buy via Amazon. I rechristen thee 'Scan-azon'.

'Master' and 'slave' computer labels unacceptable

Behold the tyranny of the SCSI Zip Drive.

Schwartzman AudioBlog post

New Mike White show Cracking Up with a fun set blog.

California Lemon Law Guide

I'm not in need of this and hope to not ever need it, but it seemed handy.

iPod's Dirty Secret

ouch! Switchers ready to flip back?

Isaac Stolzfuts' Journal

The blog of an '84 year old gay Amish artist living in the Pine Needle Retirement Home in Lancaster, PA.'

ropeadope records

Only record label I have seen with a front page blog AND great artists.

Vondutch Mesh Front Hat

$42.00 seems excessive for a trucker hat, but then again I'm a Steve Madden shoe hog.

The End of the World

Not work safe, but neither is the end of the world. WTF.

The Strokes - Live at The Tabernacle

Little brother, Grant, with a review of The Strokes show at The Tabernacle in Atlanta.

Test Your Digital IQ

My score: 203. Digital Ace!

The TOTO Washlet

Watch the QuickTime movie. Precious.

Japanese Costco Blog?

I wish I knew what this said.

Netflix Fanatic: Apple strikes back

Raising icky questions about code ownership.

Slow crawl back to 10K

Dow Jones on a slow rise.

How Not to Get Fired Because of Your Blog

Read. Laugh. Get back to TPS report.

The Swedish Paris Hilton?

Perhaps someone has video to back this up.

Take the Number and Run

Great article about cell phone portability by Om Malik in Biz 2.0 redesigns with XHTML/CSS

The result: Much, much more user navigable

Know your cabinet departments

I got 10 out of 19. Bryan worked in politics so perhaps my score isn't too shabby for a tech guy.

The DeskStop : Desktop Pictures

Some of the least obnoxious desktop backgrounds ever.

The Impersonals

Oddly personable social networking site.

Banking Scam Revealed

Apparently pop-ups CAN get more evil.

ColorMatch Remix

The Adobe output is genius.

Networking Utilities

My favorite is 'The Propagator'.

What to do if your Mom discovers your blog...

Biz Stone and the Blogger Support team have your back.

what kind of social software are you?

Funnier if your British. Then again what isn't funnier if your British?

MyTunes for iTunes

Adds additional music sharing ability to iTunes for Windows - If you are in my office please download.

This Modern World: Chicken Hawk Down

Link via proud chickenhawk Jeff Jarvis at

Ben Stiller - Celebrity SuperBuddy

Star Jones doesn't really seem to be SuperBuddy material but there she is.

The Onion - Mom Finds Out About Blog

Always nice to be skewered by the Onion plus a nice shot of Blogger in the background.

Clive Owen Addresses the Bond Rumors

I did dig him in those BMW Films and The Bourne Identity, maybe someday.

Fertilise your Messenger!

'Choose how you want to fertilise your messenger!' Yuck.

Apples and Oranges - A Comparison

Perhaps there is room for comparison after all.

Lockergnome Reloaded

Great redesign of Lockergnome.

Add BlogThis! to the Google DeskBar

The post I would have written if I wasn't in a 2-hour long meeting! Post-stealer.

Google Deskbar

Persistent Google!

Windows spamming attracts FTC's notice

Windows Messenger service gets the evil eye.


Next up, businesses in talks to tape up employees eyes.

Tenacious D Going Hungry

I'm guessing they'll drop about 5 pounds collectively.

My Biznitch is the Shiznit

'cause it's D day at

Lil Petey Peener

I just love the camphone mention.

Amazon Holiday A-List : Jack Black

jb has a backstage pass for you

Scholars, Rights Group Protest China Web Writer's Arrest

MIT shuts down alternative file-swapping

Harry Fox Agency gets cold feet.

Today's Doonesbury

Blogging, Meet-up and Dean. Plus a whole lot of Bush hatin'.

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