Halloween : Trick or Treat ?

Halloween = Satanism according to this helpful conservative Christian video, also candy corn = third ring of hell.

NOAA Fire Events

Warning these pictures can be quite huge.

Napster Bits

Rather violent animations promoting the new Napster.

Palm and Handspring make it official

I'm giving them a silver engraved stylus as a wedding gift.

$20M dollar man to play $6M dollar man

I'm sure it's a drama.

Homeless gnomes gather dust

This isn't an article about a destitute Chris Pirillo.

Blogging To Cure Diabetes

Diabetes Advocates moved do something in the blog community.

CTU ballcap

Now you can look vaguely official too.

It's time again for '24' to shock around the clock

Hah! Kiefer concedes that the cougar plot development last year was lame.

Sneak a Peek at the Next Windows

'...users can aggregate information notification services such as a buddy list or even an RSS feed'

Mattress Discounters Jingles

Breakbeat and Opera versions coming soon. These jingles on AM radio make the evening commute 10x worse.

The OC-athon on FX

All seven episodes IN A ROW for those of us affected by the baseball induced OC blockage. The injustice.

Gabocorp returns

Not much there...again.

Blog on

Evan on CNET


via Nelson Minar

Neighbor Hoodies

Mine is going to say 'East Side Blogger' in all caps Gothic script.


This uses Google's new define feature.

PaperClick For Cell Phones

Barcode to website decoding using camphones

Pitch Tim Draper on Your Billion-Dollar Idea

Like an audience with the pope.


Great online font recognition tool.

32 Candles

Way to suck the life out of a classic. I'll still watch it, of course.

Halloween poisonings not random

I will once again eat my ill-gotten candy corn in peace.

12 Million historic still images

British Pathe newsreel service releases an amazing amount of photos from their archives.


I still stand by my naming suggestion of PalmSprings for the Palm / Handspring merger.

Biz Stone, Googler

Giving people more reason to use the phrase 'those geniuses at Blogger'.

Nine decades of wheels in motion

I don't ride 150 miles a week now... I'd better get crackin'.

Affidavit to flush out traitor

I understand not being able to find people in remote wilderness but DC 'cmon.

Google Guy is listening

Concerns voiced on blogs are certainly being heard at Google.

The Grand Challenge

Unmanned robot cars have 10 hours to travel and navigate 250 miles of desert on March 13, 2004.

Dive into Page Not Found

This is one of the more creative 404s I've seen in a while. Nice work Mark!

California Race Too Close to Call

Hey Californians, go vote!!!

Male contraceptive '100% effective'

Will women believe 'Don't worry, I'm on the pill' from men?

Great Logos and Why

Interesting take on logo development.

Alien Invasion

A funny ad for a new film.

Blogging for Dollars

Matt has a great write-up on the sucess of his PVR blog and AdSense.

Church rifts remain after Pope meets Archbishop

Pope JP, methinks thou doth protest too much!

ICANN puts foot down with Verisign

Verisign is also going to bed with no dinner.

Living Language at Fodors.com

Useful expresions in German, French, Italian and Spanish with audio examples.

Camworld probable 'blog strategy guy' for Clark

Perhaps 'Little Green Footballs' will be the Bush campaigns pick.

'Stacy's Mom' video

Starring Rachel Hunter. They should really just say that in the song somewhere.

Google for Governor

Not that she's running.


When you need an email address yesterday.

Eye Cracker

EyeCracker... cracking eyes for over a year. Incidentally, I found this via a Google TextAd.

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