Signalogic Jobs page

Company seeks engineers with low-self esteem and amazing credentials - Act now!

Interview (?) with Jonathan Abrams, Friendster

I believe traditionally one says 'No comment' if one doesn't want to be interviewed

Happy Chop Suey Day!

I'm really more of an 'Angel Hair Pasta Day' kinda guy

Deep Fried Mars Bars

If only there were a way to get more fat into a chocolate bar?
Spam Arrest is currently unavailable.
The VMA Kiss
iTunes iSbogus

Newspaper Ads

I love the Fry's ad - An interesting approach to bringing daily print content to the web

Now and Zen Fest 2003

Duran Duran! Liz Phair! Maroon 5! And time for a long bathroom break during Seal.
What is a golden birthday?
Brazilian Government Continues Push For Free Software
Official EOS Digital Rebel site
Amazon-woman Anna Kournikova
USB Memory Watch
Debra Winger as Wonder Girl

Slacker Day 2003

In this grand tradition... no sidebar links tomorrow!

Rockin' on without Microsoft

Great interview with the CEO of Ernie Ball - Slinkys rock

Font blog - it was a Blog of Note once... still lovin' it.

Canon EOS-300D Digital Rebel review

Only $999 and just in time for my birthday!
Heatwave's first frostbite victim
Great Outdoor Games 2003
Shark Kills Swimmer In San Luis Obispo
Terry Tate - Office Linebacker
RIAA Not After Small-Timers
Shark or Dolphin? Dolphin.

Concert photos by Philippe Carly

Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls, OMD and more bands that don't get airplay anymore.
Cooking with rock stars: Jack Black
High School Reunion Collection
Dick Dale is playing the Brookdale Lodge
Patent Pending
Dsico Mash-ups
Maggie will be missed
Moblog shot of an unlit Times Square
Power failures hit US and Canada
NASA : Smoke Plume | Golden Blogs
How many gigabytes in a petabyte?
Does 'bimonthly' mean 'twice a month' or 'every two months'?
Linksys WMA11B - Wireless-B Media Adapter
Microsoft abandons Outlook Express
US admits it used napalm bombs in Iraq
Greg's Digital Portfolio
Brittany Murphy To Get All Up In Your Ear
It All Depends on What You Mean by 'Have'
Man Arrested for Firing Half-Baked Weapon
Lollapalooza 2003
Allison Mack's blog
Money Karaoke
Simply Vintage
Google News Alerts
Duraflame Screen Savers
Rich Guy - Luxury Lifestyle Magazine for rich guys

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