MT and Blogger - best friends forever!
The Ten Blogging Commandments?
Reclaim the Public Domain Petition
Google Toolbar 2.0 Beta w/ BlogThis! for Blogger
Blogger endorses the API/syndication roadmap
PowerPoint Remix (Great sendup of 'The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint' which is great a pointing out failures of PP and short on solutions.
James Gosling of Sun has a blog.
Smurf Name Generator
1st International Moblogging Love Hotel Conference
A San Francisco specific kind of funny.
At Muslim Prom, It's a Girls-Only Night Great article about girls from my hometown, Fremont, who have a dude-free prom.
Anil, Jeff... slow down, you'll hurt yourselves. Gents, may I suggest that slow and steady wins the race?
Google News wins a Webby and Google wins a People's Voice Award for Technical Achievement.
Justin Frankel throws in the towel. This is a direct result the WASTE incident and a not so direct result of pulling Gnutella 3 years ago.
Coming soon... Tivo Hacks from O'Reilly.
Handspring Treo 600 shown in Dallas Sounds like it will include a camera and Palm OS 5.
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