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NYT Top 25 most emailed articles list
SpaceMonger is an excellent 2D hard drive space management tool for Windows.
[via Nelson]
What's up with blogs? The gentleman who is in the cover photo is Bryan Mason, not me since I was working from home. I hope I haven't missed my 'big in japan' opportunity.
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I'm going to have to rethink my annual trek to Solvang if Jackson is going to make a habit of dropping by.
prangstgrup.com : Go to > more videos > library musical.
All you ever wanted to know about Bubble Tea, or as I call it 'that gross drink with the junk on the bottom'.
A Survey of Blogs and Bloggers by the University of Tennessee
This one won't tell you which flavor of ice cream you would be, it's for science and junk.
An open honest debate between Governor Bush and President Bush on the Daily Show
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'Hiker Amputates Arm, Rapels to Safety'
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