Swedish Dance Chart Week 18 2003 vs. US Hot Dance Music Billboard chart In case you were wondering where Madonna was still big.
Anything into Oil | Discover.com Don't let the picture of turkey guts deter you this is truly amazing!
Pre-Rendered Tree Map Views of All Usenet and Microsoft.public
Always On : Google's Eric Schmidt
Freevo is a freeware Tivo-clone. Looks like it supports the ATI All-in-Wonder series TV cards too. Still looks like a lengthy install of Linux and recompiling and tweaking. Can't anyone other than Microsoft make a CD installer that would take out all the voodoo?
Run, Kim, run! | Washington Post
RIP Merlin Mann - 1966 - 2003 (or so)
PNH Developer Toolbar v0.5 for Mozilla. Dreamy. [via haughey]
'The right really wants to punish you for having an opinion.'
Roger Ebert on Moore, radio, celebrities with opinions and the web.
I guess I should be flattered.
Handspring Treo 300 now only $150
While Weapons of Mass Destruction are disconcerting in the wrong hands, what happens when North Korea obtains a Colossal Squid? Who will save us then I ask you? [via BBC]

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