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Pre-registration for Do Not Call - California Dept. of Justice The block won't be in effect until October but it might be worth the wait.
It's long but this is a reminder that we who don't remember the past could be doomed to repeat it.
Taylor makes a desperate plea to me wanting the picture on his blog changed. Bro, if I change it now no one will know what that post was about? Rock - me - hard place. Can I use this one?
For coverage of the war and political commentary without hackneyed graphic treatments a la 'The Iraq Conflict: Beyond the Terrordome' cluttering your screen, check out Dack's The Rational Enquirer.
Optimus Prime is fighting for our side. More than meets the eye indeed.
Five things Saddam must do immediately to show compliance with U.N. resolutions
'Lawyer Arrested for Wearing a 'Peace' T-Shirt' [via kottke]
Kisses : The sexy urinal

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